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Trust in Me

Hello everyone!
I have been looking up lyrics from Rachel's 2003 album, Trust In Me but I can't find anything! It has 9 songs but I guess these songs are so unknown that nobody has bothered to post lyrics.

Therefore, if we make pages on the songs (and album), we won't know much. If you have any of the songs (Not Mine to Save, Get Back Up, Trust in Me, A Soldier's Wish, Carry on, My Ride, Fly, Southern Eyes, or Solo Sailor) downloaded or are willing to watch the music videos (if any) to get the lyrics, please post them! We need these lyrics on the wiki. And, it would be very kind of you to post your lyrics on a lyrics site so that the world can enjoy them too!

Thank you for your help, and happy editing!

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I didn't look too into it, but with a quick search I found that this seems to be the only available listing to get/purchase these songs.

I'm not sure that I'll be able to find the lyrics online, you guys will probably have to listen to the music and do your best to get the right lyrics. I'm also not sure that the CD was ever anything more than a digital download, so that would mean there isn't any cover booklet that had the lyrics in it, but I'm not quite sure about that.

I'm not sure where to listen it though. It's not on iTunes or Spotify.

I linked this. It's not iTunes or Spotify, but Microsoft can definitely be trusted.
The only thing is that you need windows 8, 10, an android device, or I think an xbox to buy it and/or download it.

Omg really? Everything I ''don't'' have?
You might be able to use an app player.
I don't have one of those.

It's also on Myspace. I plan on ripping the tracks soon. https://myspace.com/rachelplattenmusic/music/album/trust-in-me-20714130


OMG, thank you so much!!!


thank you for sharing that with us!

Did you manage to rip the tracks? Myspace is not available in my country and i can't get the songs anywhere.
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